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    Driving today for a safer and healthier tomorrow!

    Providing road safety education and community solutions differently for the benefit of everyone!

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    Road Smart is a new community initiative

    It is provided by experienced road safety specialists for the benefit of the whole community. By influencing a positive change in driver behaviour through awareness and education, we can tackle the negative effects of driving and make the roads safer and cleaner for everyone!

    Driving Change

    Road Smart understands society has changed considerably over the last 15 years. We live in a very fast paced world where time is a precious commodity. We want everything now or want to be where we are going as fast as we can, and these changes have been reflected in the way we drive.

    By making small positive changes to the way we drive every day will produce massive health and environmental benefits for everyone for years to come. Additionally, roads will be safer for ourselves, our families, our friends, and everyone who use them.

    We all need to remember; life our most precious commodity but if we do not change the way we drive we may not have the time to enjoy life!

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    Did you know!

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    Did you know 85% of drivers admit to driving more than 25mph on a 20mph road!

    There are over 45 million driving license holders in the UK but unbeknown to most, driving is the most dangerous activity any of us will do! Surprised?

    The facts are there for everyone to see and have been consistent for many years now. Anyone using the roads in the UK is twice as likely to die in a road related crash than they are to be a victim of manslaughter or murder.

    Road Smart is a FREE single reference point

    Designed for road safety and environmental awareness, information, education, and training tools, for the whole community to use and benefit from.

    To find out more, visit our Driving Change page and start your Road Smart journey and see how even the slightest changes in your driving today will lead to a safer and healthier tomorrow for everyone!

    Our Key Statistics

    There are numerous other facts and figures about driving that the vast majority of drivers do not know about, but once they do, it has been shown to positively change the way they think and actually drive. Therefore, can we all be a little more 'Road Smart' and change?

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    Beginning of October - clocks go back

    The number of collisions go up 100% involving children first 2 weeks.

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    The school run can increase emissions

    Emissions go up on the school run by 50%

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    Research suggests that you are...

    Twice as likely to die in a road collision than you are to be murdered.

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    Every 22 Minutes...

    Someone is killed or seriously injured on UK roads.

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